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15 applause: Gustavo Alemán

After a life devoted to other professional necessities, in 2003 discovered photography. 10 yeares after, Gustavo Alemán publishes his first book "(No) soy de aquí".

"Neither triumphalism or apocalyptic visions are useful: all we can do is try to do our bit for photography and culture."

"I do not know if because of shyness or caution, but personally I don't see myself working on projects about my life or my circumstances in a very explicit way. Also, I find it difficult to deal with things that are completely alien to me."

Kursala according to Jesús Micó

Jesús Micó (Cádiz, 1962) is a really versatile photographer. Almost any area in which photography has a place, you can find his mark.

"Goals have a price and it is necessary waiting more than initially expected".

"I'm interested in projects that are revealing, offering a brilliant flash of thought on a given subject".

Ricardo Cases at his own way

Ricardo Cases (Orihuela, 1971) is the embodiment of a passion for photography and we owe him part of Fotoaplauso's existence.

He is part of BlankPaper collective. He has published several books, including "paloma al aire", recognized as one of the best publications of 2011 by authors such as Martin Parr and Alec Soth, among others. He has been commissioned several times for Time magazine and his work has recently been on the cover of Foam magazine. He also runs his own publishing house (Fiesta Ediciones) which publishes emerging photographers' work.

"All works that interest me have been the result of the search of its own author as a photographer".


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