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Ricardo Cases at his own way

Ricardo Cases (Orihuela, 1971) is the embodiment of a passion for photography and we owe him part of Fotoaplauso's existence.

He is part of BlankPaper collective. He has published several books, including "paloma al aire", recognized as one of the best publications of 2011 by authors such as Martin Parr and Alec Soth, among others. He has been commissioned several times for Time magazine and his work has recently been on the cover of Foam magazine. He also runs his own publishing house (Fiesta Ediciones) which publishes emerging photographers' work.

And this is just a sample.

Where do you find the time for all this?
Because I do no take the kids to school, nor am I in the office for eight hours, nor will I to Calderon(*), or read Mundo Deportivo, nor will I do pilates or bachata classes. The most I enjoy with is photography.
(*) It is a stadium in Madrid.

When you were young(er), you practiced athletics, according to your words, so obsessive. Now, are you obsessed with photography?
I'm excited, very excited and sometimes, I'm obsessed with this or that idea as it happens with the option Mundo Deportivo and his goals and stuff.

Some people say that what we are photographed and the pictures we take are a reflection of us. Do you agree?
For me it is the only way for a photographic work to be interesting, I think tht's the way to bring uniqueness to a job, not so much with a fuchsia filter or a sandwich of modernity.

What if I told you that we all have a unique style, different from the rest, hidden and we must strive to find?
Once Miguel Trillo said "I insist therefore I am". All works that interest me have been the result of these search processes.

Imagine that you are not Ricardo Cases, and that one day fall into your hands a copy of "La caza del lobo congelado". How would imagine it would be the author of the book, Ricardo Cases?
Ugly, very ugly.

Do you ever show photos of your beginnings in photography?
To some colleagues for a laugh, guess what will happen when I am 60 with what I do now.

I remember one night when you left on your bike shouting "Joy and decision". Are those necessary characteristics to be a good photographer?
It is the brand of some fantastic girls from San Sebastian. I believe that each has his methods and mine goes through an idea, some pictures and a play with them.

Do you still keep that bike? I was a bit shabby.
At this time Pascual's father, Raul, who lives in Vedat Torrent and was a mechanical Manuel Herreros' "Champi" team in 91, is leaving the Special (that's the name) clear as a whistle. I must say that El Rebenaque fixed it first, very aware person, from Torrent as well.

We live in a time where it seems that the Spanish photography scene is booming. What new authors and / or projects do you find most interesting?
Los Cuadernos de la Kursala are the driving force of this scene.

What about other countries?
Antonio Xoubanova, Cristina de Middel, Julian Baron, Aleix Plademunt, Cristóbal Hara.

Before presenting "Paloma al aire", you made a great projection on the job. Do you consider the projection as a support for the dissemination of a book or an exhibition, or do you think it could be a fitting end to a project?
A photographic project may have several solutions and I think that depending on the type of work, some media work better than others. In any case you have to think in that media, using audio music or pictures can greatly impair the intent of the photographer with a job.

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