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Three years projecting photography

The collective


Fotoaplauso is a group which goal is the dissemination of photography.

Createdin 2010 in response to the desire of its members to showcase their work and, soon after, many other authors'.

The main feature of the group is the development of our activity in the streets of the city. We are the first group in Spain dedicated to the projection of photography in the streets.

We favor the photographic projection because it is a means by which anyone can develop a work without the costs involved in other production systems.

We are in favor of using the street because we believe it is the most free and democratic way of exhibition.

Thanks to the combination of these two elements, it is possible to see in our sessions the work of photography acclaimed names along with others aspiring to become.


Much has been written about Fotoaplauso members. Probably all true or false. Since the first edition, many colaborators worked with us and therefore were part of the group. From here we would like to thank all of them: Marta, Sonia, Manuel, Verónica, Ricardo, Federico, Gregorio, etc ... Today the organizers and therefore Fotoaplauso visible faces are listed here, but as we say the entire list would be long.

Thank you all.

Edu González / David Hornillos / Alex López / Valerio Platania / Igor Retana

Copyrights property of FOTOAPLAUSO 2017.