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How to take part

1. Participants must upload the projection to any server like Wetransfer, Dropbox, Rapidshare, Mega ... and send the download link to with the subject: PROJECTION FOR FOTOAPLAUSO.

2. In Fotoaplauso photographic works are projected, so tools such as video are accepted as support for images.

3. The projection must be about a theme of free choice by the author.

4. The minimum image resolution required is 640 x 480, and file size must not exceed 50 MB/minute.

5. The projection can be in any format supported by the latest version of VLC Media Player.

6. The projection should contain some credits with the following information:
- Title.
- Name of the author.
- Music: title and artist.

7. Fotoaplauso is not responsible in any way for the copyright of the music used in the videos. This responsibility lies on the author of the work shown. However, Fotoaplauso recommends the use of free licensed music.

8. There is no deadline, so you can send us your work at any time.
Fotoaplauso reserves the right not to use the works received if the number exceeds the estimated runtime of the session.
The authors whose work will be screened, will be notified by e-mail.

9. Fotoaplauso reserves the right not to project work considered not reaching a minimum quality or any other reason, always communicating those reasons to the author.
Containment of publicity will be reason to exlcusion.

10. The rights of each work will always be owned by the authors, but these will yield the possibility that Fotoaplauso will use their work (and some image titles) and their names in order to promote the work and the event. Remember Fotoaplauso is no profit.

11. All authors who do not want to give the opportunity to disseminate their work through Fotoaplauso's online channels: Web, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo... and/or be projected at those festivals, fairs, etc., in which Fotoaplauso can participate, must communicate it at the same time of submitting the work.

Copyrights property of FOTOAPLAUSO 2017.